Enjoying Shenandoah's Fall Colors

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A year ago I bought my husband a tshirt with a quote from John Muir that says "The mountains are calling, and I must go."  Thankfully we live less than an hour from the Blue Ridge Mountains, because for him they are a refuge.  No matter how busy life gets for us, we always make time to get in a few hikes a year, especially during the fall season.  While I don't believe that any place on earth can beat visiting the New England states in the fall, here in Virginia we are able to view a kaleidoscope of reds, gold, and oranges in Shenandoah National Park from mid-October to mid-November.

During peak season, tens of thousands of people (whom we fondly call leaf-peepers) make their annual pilgrimage to the national park in order to view the fall foliage.  If you do visit on a weekend, be prepared for overflowing parking lots lines to see the world-famous views.  

Along Skyline Drive there are many hiking trails that offer unspoiled views.

The trails also offer closer views of the beautiful changing colors, as well as flowers and wildlife.  It truly is refreshing for the soul to go on a walk, breathe in the crisp fall air, and listen to the leaves crunch under your feet.

If hiking is not your thing, you can pull over at one of the 75 overlooks to view the sweeping vistas.  Again, you may have to wait a bit to get a picture without people in your way, but it is worth it to take your time.

Thank you for stopping by and viewing my pictures!  Leave a comment telling me where your favorite spot is to view the splendors of nature in the fall.

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