36 Hours in New York City, Part 1

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There are times in my life when I get a crazy notion.  Crazier than usual, I mean.  Spending a weekend in New York City with nearly 50 foreign exchange students would be one of them.  This is the second time I have volunteered to be a chaperon for this trip, and both times I've had an awesome time.  The weather has always cooperated, the kids have always been good sports.

So come on with me and check out some of the highlights from our weekend in the Big Apple.

 After a very long bus ride from our town (due to too much construction for a Friday night along the I-95 corridor), we arrived at our hotel and caught a few hours of sleep before having breakfast and meeting our tour guide for the day.

First stop was a (fast-paced) walk/hike through Central Park.  Our tour guide first gives us a brief history of the park.

Then we make our way through Shakespeare Garden, a four-acre garden filled with flowers and plants mentioned in his writings.    

After that we head to Belvedere Castle, where from the top you can overlook the great lawn.

After that (I did mention this was a fast-paced walk, didn't I?) we make our way past the Water Conservatory (a pond famous for it's sail boats and a a scene from the children's classic Stuart Little).  

Continuing on our way, we said hello to Hans Christian Andersen...

...and stopped to snap some pictures with Alice in Wonderland.

We ended our tour of Central Park with a brief visit to Bethesda Terrace to admire one of the largest and most beautiful sculptures in all of New York City, the Angel of the Waters.

 No trip to Central Park is complete without seeing the beautiful carriage horses!

We got back on our tour bus and drove down 5th Avenue and stopped at various points to see some of the famous landmarks of NYC.

Rockefeller Center and the Statue of Atlas...

And of course the New York Stock Exchange.

We then stopped to tour and have lunch at Grand Central Station.  My daughter was very excited about this because one of her favorite books is Cricket in Times Square.

After lunch we hopped back on the bus for a drive through some of the more famous neighborhoods of New York City...Brooklyn, Greenwich, Midtown, NoHo, and SoHo just to name a few.

We then jumped off the bus to take a quick walking tour through Little Italy and China Town. 

For some reason when I saw this tree, I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite books, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Phew, are you tired yet?  

After our walking tour we hopped back on the bus to continue on to Ground Zero and the 9/11 Memorial.  I will end this blog post here, otherwise it will get too long.  I hope you enjoyed this first part, and come back to read the second!

Updated to add, you can read Part 2 by clicking here!

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