Vive la Vegas!

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I have experienced the feeling of deja vu a few times in my life, and when arrived at the Paris Hotel in Vegas, I felt it.  It was like we had been transported back to Paris, France.  We had been there three years earlier and here we were, once again standing near the Eiffel Tower, albeit one that is a tad bit smaller.

And I must say the hotel does a very good job at bottling up all the charms of the French capital and bringing it to the Vegas strip.  From the replica cobblestone streets winding around the restaurants, cafes, and casinos on the ground floor, to the smell of freshly baked croissants in the morning, I found myself pleasantly surprised during our stay.
And also a little embarrassed.  While I got loads of photographs inside other hotels that we visited each day, I completely forgot to take photographs of the inside of the Paris Hotel.  The one we actually stayed in.

I had good intentions, and kept telling my daughter we would walk around and do that "one day while we are here."  But that one day came and went.

The replica of the Arc de Triomphe was impressive. 

As was swimming under the Eiffel Tower every day.

One day while we were swimming there was a photo shoot going on.  At first it looked like a swimsuit shoot, but then a little while later my daughter turned to me and asked "Are you sure this is still a swimsuit photo shoot?"

You'll see everything in Vegas!

Last time we got our picture by the Eiffel Tower we were having a party.

While there we splurged a couple of mornings and ate breakfast a Mon Ami Gabi.  For someone with Celiac, there are few choices where we can safely eat breakfast as it is, and rarely can we find a place that serves gluten-free pancakes or waffles.  They served incredible $25 gluten-free Nutella waffles with the most magnificent bacon.

The housekeeper that tidied up our room for us each day was so sweet to always place Angel Bear on the bed.

 One of my favorite features of the hotel was the Around The World In 80 Days hot air balloon.  It was so cool.

Especially at night.

And especially with the Eiffel Tower in the background.  I mean, seriously.  How cool is that?

The Paris Hotel was beautiful by day and magnificent at night.  Overall I was pleasantly surprised by our stay here.  What could have been an incredibly kitchy or tacky hotel ended up being quite a luxurious stay.

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