Our 4-Day Death Valley Photography Adventure - Playing Golf with the Devil

8:49:00 AM

If you drive around Death Valley for any amount of time, you will discover that the devil owns a lot of property around the area.  Not only does he own the entrance and a corn field, but he also maintains a golf course.

Yup, that's right.  A golf course.
Located between Furnace Creek and Badwater, and easily accessible by car down a 1.5 mile dirt road, is the aptly named Devil's Golf Course.  Now, before you get all excited about the possibility of playing 18 holes of golf in the middle of Death Valley, take a good look at the course you'd be playing on.

Get a little closer look.

And another.

As you can see, this is no Jack Nicklaus-inspired golf course.  It is a golf course that only the devil himself could play on.  Which is where it got it's name from...a guide book printed in 1934 that made a similar comment.  And the name stuck.

The course is actually large crystalline salt spires that resemble a coral reef run amok.  These salt formations are the residue left behind by Lake Manly as it evaporated over 2,000 years ago.  Over the years the salt rock left behind has been eroded by wind and rain into bizarre and fascinating shapes. 

While most people seemed to get out of their car and not venture far from the parking lot, we spent a considerable amount of time here walking farther out to see all the interesting salt formations that haven't been crushed under shoes.

In fact, you will find an unlimited number of intricately designed salt formations.  Just be careful bending over to get a closer look, as the edges are sharp.

We also had a kangaroo rat follow us on our adventure.  His name is Kanga.

He was the only smart one in our group and found the nearest shaded spot to hide in.

So if you ever find yourself in Death Valley, make sure not to skip over the Devil's Golf Course.  Set aside a little bit of time to explore the salt formations.  You won't regret it.  Unless you go out on a day where the heat reaches over 100-degrees.  Then you might.  But who would do that?  Certainly not us.

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