Walking With Sharks - No Scuba Gear Required!

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Every time I look back at our pictures from our trip to Las Vegas, I am reminded about how much fun we had.  For a city that is known mostly for it's vice...drinking and gambling...there are so many fun family-friendly activities!

Take, for instance, the Shark Reef and Aquarium at Mandalay Bay.
We decided to visit the aquarium on our second full day in the city.  Since the aquarium is associated with a hotel I wasn't expecting much, but it turned out to be a really awesome place to spend an afternoon.

Armed with bottles of cold water and wanting to see the strip, we decided to take the long walk from our hotel to Mandalay Bay.  Thankfully when we got to Excalibur we discovered that there was a free tram that took you the rest of the way, saving us at least an additional 30 minutes of walking.  

Again, the prices tend to be a little pricey if you purchase them at the box office, so I suggest either looking online for discount codes or take a coupon from someone walking around the strip offering discount coupons to many of the attractions around Las Vegas.

Not needing any more cheesy photos, we declined to stand in front of another green screen at the entrance.  We were first greeted by tanks of tropical fish, and then found this dapper-looking Komodo Dragon.

After looking around a bit at the other creatures, we entered the Shark Reef, and no trip would be complete without walking through the Shark Tunnel!  Here you can see 15 different species of sharks, and my favorite the Hammerhead!

We added the Sea Monsters Revealed exhibit to our tickets for an extra $5.  It was a very interesting exhibit featuring unique sea "monsters" preserved in a way that allows people to see the outside and inside of them.  Definitely worth the extra money.

Instead of sharing all of our pictures from the aquarium, I decided to make a video highlighting our favorite pictures and video clips.  I hope you enjoy!

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you continue to follow me on Facebook as I share more of our adventures in Las Vegas! 

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