Dogs with Jobs: Tom Wilson and His Herding Dogs

10:47:00 AM

As I write this, my four dogs are doing what average household dogs are known for doing...laying around, chewing on bones, and generally making a mess of things.  But I recently had the chance to spend a few hours with a pair of Border Collies who are definitely not your average dogs.

Meg and Kate are two champion herding dogs owned by Tom Wilson of Gordonsville, Virginia.  They were an impressive pair to watch herd sheep, and to witness the bond they share with their owner and trainer, Tom.  It certainly gave me a better appreciation for what these magnificent dogs are capable of and have been bred to do for centuries!

You can read more about them in the new July/August issue of The Piedmont Virginian Magazine, on sale starting July 1!

And in the meantime, please enjoy some of the photographs I took of them in action.

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