The Chihuahua is Mightier than the Sword

10:07:00 AM

I really do think that Edward Bulwer-Lytton meant to throw chihuahua in there, instead of the word  pen.  I mean, seriously.  If anyone has ever owned or been anywhere near a chuhuahua, they will agree.

Especially if they have met Eve.

Eve graced us with her presence about a year and a half ago.  She was surrendered to Middleburg Humane Foundation on New Years Eve at just 6 weeks of age, weighing a little over a pound.  She was emaciated and dehydrated, and in need of immediate vet care.  They didn't know if she would survive.  Once she regained her strength, she was put into foster care....with us.
She was such a tiny little thing when we picked her up.

But for such a little thing, she quickly filled our house with her BIG chihuahua personality.

And, of course we ended up adopting her.  Let this be a lesson to all you parents out there.  Never, ever agree to foster a little 2-lb puppy if you have a little girl living in the house.  It never works out.  It's a disaster. 

I mean, look at these pictures.  Complete disaster.

After we shared the news with friends, one of them asked me "Is your next dog going to be microscopic?"

Our shepherd, who was at this time battling terminal bone cancer, didn't quite know what to do with her at first. 

But Eve quickly learned that Reba's fur provided a warm spot to sleep.

Peanut wasn't quite sure what to do with her at first, either. 

But they quickly became the best of friends, which was good for Peanut, who was so very lost after Reba passed.

Her nickname has evolved over time.  At first it was Honey Badger, since she just didn't give a shit about listening.  Then it became Evil Eve, and that name has stuck.  We think she truly believes she is a pitbull.  She will wrestle with dogs 10 times her size and make them whine.  She grabs them under the neck and doesn't let go.

She lives us to the true chihuahua personality.  She is quirky and eccentric and comical and makes us laugh every day with her antics around the house.  She is fearless and playful and loveable.

When she isn't acting like a Mexican drug lord, fighting with everyone and taking no prisoners.

She pretends to fall asleep when she is in trouble.

She has the cutest little look on her face when she is surprised.

She shreds paper, toilet paper rolls, and holds the world record for unstuffing a stuffed toy.

When she is being ignored, she will stand at her full height, stomp her little feet, and bark.

No picture can ever capture her squirty-ness, so you will just have to follow along with us on Facebook to see it all for yourself.

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