Aggersborg - A Viking Ring Fortress

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Aggersborg Viking Fortress and church from the air.  Courtesty of Medieval Histories.
In northern Denmark, along the Limfjorden, lies the remains of the largest, and quite possibly the oldest, of five ring fortresses built during the reign of the great Viking king Harold Bluetooth, between AD 980-981.  Recent archaeological evidence has shown that this fortress was built on the remains of an even earlier Viking settlement.  Curiously it was abandoned only 30 years after it was built.  Even so, the fortress has remained a prominent fixture in the landscape around it.

In all there are 5 known ring fortresses built around Denmark during the reign of Harold Bluetooth, the most recent discovered in 2014 in.  Their locations form an L-shape through Denmark and were used as either military bases or trading posts, or both.  Aggersborg was strategically placed at the narrowest point along the Limfjord and was most likely the starting point for many Viking expeditions to England and other parts of Scandinavia. 

I will not get into the history or archaeology of Aggersborg, as this online text and a general Google search will give you everything you ever wanted to know about the fortress, and more!  If you do just happen to be in Denmark and visiting Aggersborg one day, you will find that, as with many "touristy" areas in the northern end of the country, you will pretty much have the place to yourself.

When you first arrive at Aggersborg I suggest going to the small visitors center, which is housed in a small nondescript building.  

Inside you will find an exhibition about the construction and history of Aggersborg and surrounding area, along with a few copies of artifacts discovered during excavations.

After exiting the exhibition hall you will come out on a little deck with more signs.  Most are written in Danish but there is a little bit of English mixed in.  Enough to give you a general idea of what you are looking at.  From the deck you can also see how close Aggersborg was to the Limfjord.

After reading those you can go out and walk around.  As you can see from the pictures, we have had varying weather conditions each time we have gone out.

As you walk around you can see the remains of the walls, which were at one time 11 meters thick and several meters high, but today are only about a meter high.  

Walking around it isn't hard to give your imagination free reign and picture this as an active Viking fortress.

Thank you for coming on this walking tour with me, and I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about one of my favorite places to visit in Denmark!

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