Fostering: Meet Sugar

10:20:00 AM

This is Sugar, a 1 year old German Shepherd/Husky mix from Puerto Rico, and our most recent foster dog.  Why a dog from Puerto Rico?  There are an overwhelming number of stray dogs on the island with nowhere to go, and 99% of them are unfortunately euthanized as soon as they enter the shelters there.  Because of this, the rescue we foster for brings a few up on occasion to try and help rehome them.
I decided to foster Sugar because our puppy Freja needed a playmate her size.  And my plan worked!  They wore each other out while I watched from the comfort of the couch or outside on the deck.

From the first day Sugar was in our home it was quite evident that her name fit her perfectly.  She had impeccable house manners, was very sweet, and an overall good dog.  

We enjoyed having her with us, though she didn't last very long in foster care.  She went to her forever home in just a weeks time!  And we already know her new family is loving her as much as we did.

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