The (relatively unknown) Hojstrup Viking Burial Grounds

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At first glance, anyone driving along the road would miss it.  There's no fanfare, no entrance, no souvenir stand.  The only indication that anything is there is a small sign and tiny parking lot.  But, this random scattering of rocks across a large field is actually the Hojstrup Viking burial site, a gem of a discovery if you are interested in Viking Age burial grounds and know where to find it.

 The first time I heard anything about it was when my husband took me to meet his mom and stepdad for the first time.  He was driving and I had my nose pressed up against the passenger window, taking in the gorgeous scenery along the Tømmerby fjord.  We were nearly to their house when we passed a sign that said Vikingegravplads.  At the time I didn't know much Danish, but I had an inkling it was something Viking related, so I asked.

He told me it was an old Viking graveyard, but it was small and not really that interesting.  Of course that translated into me needing to go there immediately and investigate.  Though I was surprised at the time that something of such historic significance didn't even have a visitors center, I have learned over the years that in northern Denmark that's just the way it is.  Here in the US people would have desecrated the place and carried off all the stones.  But there, no worries.

I do think his family thought it was rather amusing that I was so excited to look at rocks.  But they weren't just any rocks...but rocks placed there 1,000 years ago by Vikings!  

I'll let the signs give you the brief known history of the graveyard.

And so now, every time we go to Denmark, I need to stop by and walk along the paths winding around the graveyard.  It's like saying hello to old friends.  And for all we know some of my husband and daughter's ancestors could be buried there.  It's exciting to think and wonder.

Please enjoy some of my favorite images I have taken over the years.

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