The Great Blizzard of 2016!

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Every winter in Virginia brings something new.  Sometimes we get a lot of snow, sometimes we get a lot of ice, sometimes we have a mild winter.  This past December we were experiencing a very mild winter.  On Christmas Day it was in the 70's!  

But then we experienced a whole winter's worth of snow in ONE WEEKEND.  
At the start of the blizzard we ventured out to the barn we board our ponies at to tuck them in their stalls with plenty of hay and water.  We didn't know when we'd make it back out there, and thankfully we had wonderful friends close-by that walked and rode their gator over to the barn twice a day to feed and water the ponies.  As it turned out, we weren't able to make it there the entire weekend.

After just a few inches of snow the roads from our house to the barn looked like this.

The ponies were happy to see us.  We rounded them all up and tucked them in.

Ayisha hates to be locked up in a stall.

Nova enjoys a nice warm stall.  
Dakota was happy to see his little girl.

In just an hours time the snow picked up.

At home our 7-month old German Shepherd/Akita mix puppy, Freja, was very happy to play in the snow.

 Peanut, our Dachshund/Jack Russell mix was not as enthused.

Making snow puppies.

The next morning we woke up to over a foot of snow, with no end in sight!


So then we started the arduous task of trying to stay ahead of the snow and plow our driveway and sidewalk.  And you know what?  It was futile.  The snow came too quickly!

On Sunday we woke up to clear skies and almost 3 feet of snow!  We also began the task once again of shoveling ourselves out.  The puppies played.

On Monday afternoon we were able to safely drive to the barn and begin the great dig-out there.  The ponies were very happy to be let out.  

Our daughter was happy to hop on Dakota for a little trek around the fields.

Back home the dogs began exploring the snow-covered peaks that once was their backyard.

And here's hoping we don't see another inch of snow the whole season!  

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