Fostering: Meet Birdie!

10:29:00 AM

The second dog we decided to foster was a mountain cur mix named Birdie.  She was in a shelter that was at capacity and would be euthanized if not moved to a rescue.  When we first brought Birdie home, we quickly realized she wasn't a "normal" dog and would be a challenge to foster.   

She came from a hoarding situation in West Virginia and because of that was more interested in searching for food around the house than anything else.  She wanted nothing to do with people, was always in search of food.  If she couldn't find any she'd work herself into a panic attack.  We had to feed her slowly or else she would gulp her food down.  And we had to keep a leash on her at all times, else she'd run from us. 

The first time I left our house to run errands, I came home to find her waiting for me at the front door.  Her crate was still closed and locked.  She earned the nickname Houdini.

The only time she wanted anything to do with people was when we had treats to give her.

She did, however, love to play with our other dogs.

And playing outside in the sunshine.

When she realized that she did like people and could trust us, she developed severe separation anxiety, which brought on a whole other set of problems to work through.  Every time we left the house she would pee, poop, and vomit in her crate.  Each evening she would get messages with calming essential oils.  It seemed to work a little.  The panic over not finding food around the house lessened.  

Unfortunately she was not adopted before we left the country to visit family in Denmark for Christmas, but within the two weeks we were gone, she found her forever home.  And we heard that they absolutely love her, quirks and all!

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