It's a Capitol Christmas!

7:54:00 AM

The first week of December is always a festive one in DC with the lighting of both the Capitol and White House Christmas trees.  Since the White House Christmas tree lighting ceremony is today,  and the Capitol lighting ceremony was yesterday, I thought it was fitting to share my favorite pictures from previous visits.

We never seem to win tickets to the lighting ceremony lotteries, but we still make it a point to go up and see them.  The past two years have been particularly exciting for us since we were able to take our exchange students up to see the trees.  

The official Christmas tree lighting ceremony first took place in 1923 under President Calvin Coolidge, and this years White House ornament commemorates the event.  It has grown into a 4 week celebration featuring nightly singers and entertainment.  The Christmas tree is surrounded by the Pathway of Peace, a winding pathway featuring 56 smaller trees representing each state and US territory and a large model railroad.

The Capitol Christmas tree tradition started in 1919to celebrate Washington DC's first community Christmas.  Since 1970 a tree has been selected from a US national forest, and is decorated with ornaments made by children from the state the tree was harvested from.

If you ever have the chance to visit Washington, DC during the month of December, I highly recommend staying after dark to see both Christmas trees.  

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