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 Besides my husbands parents home, there is one other place that I will always consider my "home away from home" in Denmark, and that is the city of Aalborg.  Way back in 2003 I graduated from college and accepted a position in my company to work in their Danish office for a year, which was located just outside of Aalborg.  I was very excited for the opportunity, and thoroughly enjoyed my time there.  It's where I met my husband and began our married life.  And since it is the city we fly into every time we visit family in Denmark, we are always able to go back for a visit!

The flight to Aalborg from our home in the suburbs of Washington DC is long...8 hours from Washington DC to Copenhapgen, and then a 45-minute connecting flight from Copenhagen to Aalborg.

Here are some aerial views from our plane over Aalborg.

The airport in Aalborg is rather small, and my husbands parents are always there to greet us.

The city, located in the northern part of Denmark called Jutland,  is the third largest in Denmark, and one of the oldest.  You can see it's location on the map here:

The earliest settlements around Aalborg date back to the year 700 AD (I'll talk more about one of them in a future blog post).  Because of it's position in the Limfjord (the narrow track of water dividing Denmark), Aalborg became an important trading post during the Germanic Iron and Viking ages.  Today it is a large industrial city.

Here is the drawbridge that connects Aalborg to the northern end of the country.

Aalborg has a lot to offer residents and tourists alike, from history to restaurants to shopping.  I think the little side streets are quaint and beautiful.  And I love all the cobblestone streets!  I learned very quickly to invest in some good sensible shoes.

This is where I did all my banking business.

There are also many pedestrian streets lined with shops.  Since stores closed early evenings, around 4-5pm, Saturdays were my time to shop.

The doctors office where I found out I was pregnant with our daughter was in this old Danish house.

I was very fortunate to find an apartment in the center of Aalborg, close to all the shops and entertainment.  Very convenient for someone who didn't have a car or even a bike to get around.

I loved this little apartment, which overlooked the grounds of the old castle.

From my kitchen window I could see the castle and grounds.

It wasn't a very large apartment, but it was my home for a year and I have many happy memories from there.

I lived a few blocks away from the main party street, which just so happened to be the longest street in all of Denmark filled with bars and clubs.  I may or may not have spent a few Friday nights on this street, and I may not remember them all.

And there you have it, some of my favorite places around Aalborg, quite possible because they were within walking distance of my apartment.  

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  1. Oh my - what lovely shots and wonderful architecture!


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