2015 Cherry Blossom Parade

3:26:00 PM

The yearly Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in Washington DC is one of the highlights of the two week long spring festival beginning in early April.  The energetic 2 hour parade spans 10 blocks in downtown DC between 7th and 17th Streets NW and is filmed for live TV.  It features colorful and lively floats, balloons, celebrities, dancers, music, and marching bands from across the United States.

This year was especially exciting for us because my daughter sang with her school choir on the steps of the National Archives.  So please bear with me and my proud mom moment and watch the video below:

Done watching it?  Okay!

Please enjoy some of my favorite pictures from the parade!  To see more pictures from the day, visit my gallery.

Thank you for visiting my blog!  Please don't forget to visit my gallery to see more pictures!  I always enjoy talking to people, so feel free to leave me a note letting me know which pictures were your favorites!

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